Join the KEKO NOW! webinar on 24th November

You can find the webinar recording here soon.


Want to know what KEKO has achieved in the past two years? The KEKO NOW! smart building webinar is your window to the latest developments and value creation opportunities in the smart building world.

Smart buildings are key in shaping the way we work and live in the future. For the past two years, leading Finnish companies KONE, YIT, Halton, VTT, Netox, Caverion and Nokia have been studying fluid platform ecosystems for smart buildings. 

The KEKO NOW! webinar on 24th November at 1.00–2.30 p.m. (UTC+2) is your special chance to hear about our learning curve and new value creation opportunities in the evolving smart building ecosystem industry.

At KEKO, we strive for a better future for building users by improving working and living conditions. This is your personal invitation to join the ride.

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Want to see what KEKO NOW! looked like last year? Watch the webinar recording here!

Flow for KEKO NOW!

Keynote “KEKO’s take on platform economy” by VTT

Keynote “Smart buildings and the power of ecosystems” by Halton

KEKO’s business impact “How will KEKO change the world?” By KEKO members

Keynote “Cyber security in the digitalization of the built environment” by Netox

Business perspectives after KEKO “Value creation and its enablers” by Caverion