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Winners of KEKO 3rd and 4th Challenge Competitions announced

KEKO Ecosystem have organized already four Challenge Competitions, and now we announce the winners of the third and fourth competitions.


After the successful two KEKO Challenge Competitions under the themes “Utilizing Data to Create Building Experiences by KEKO” and “Value adding services in adaptive buildings” we have organized two following competitions.

The third KEKO Challenge Competition

The third KEKO Challenge Competition was organized with Combient Foundry and the focus of the competition was the usage of data gathered during the planning and construction phases. There, KEKO selected two winners: Aiforsite and eSite! Congratulations!


Their KEKO solution: Automate the flow of construction materials and workers to improve construction productivity

The development of the solution has followed the principles of Lean Construction. Construction will be divided into Takt production areas where tasks and material packages are planned more precisely to minimize waste. Each task includes the installer’s planned working hours as well as the amount of material or equipment package to be installed. The system monitors the material flow and the working time used by the installer in real time with RFID and location data tags. Based on real-time data the system generates production KPIs such as actual vs. planned lead time (%), task presence index = uninterrupted presence / actual duration (%) and material availability to the installer (%).

The solution also includes a materials and installers control model designed to assist the foreman’s work. The system automatically sends information to the installers when the starting conditions for the next work phase are in order, and at the same time provides installation instructions and the planned start time of the work. The control model also automatically sends information to material suppliers or logistics operators when and to which workstation the following material packages should be delivered.

The solution makes it possible to eliminate the productivity problem in the construction industry without compromising on quality.

More information about Aiforsite:



eSite is making 360 degrees imaging and laser scanning to build a digital model of the site enabling remote visits and sensor data visualization. Then they realize comparisons of as-built scanned model to as-designed BIM.  ​

More information about eSite:


The fourth KEKO Challenge Competition

The fourth KEKO Challenge Competition was organized with Industryhack, and this competition focused on creating healthy spaces. Special attention was in the changes Covid-19 has brought to working life. Here, KEKO have selected three winners to create Proof of Concept with us. The winners in alphabetical order are: Arcventure, Pindora and Zeneko. Congratulations! Below you find more information about their solutions.


The KEKO DIGITAL TWIN CREATOR is a developer tool prototyped by Arcventure during the Healthy Spaces Industryhack 2021. The tool enables developers to create smart building digital twins in minutes using the KEKO API and Unity by fusing building information models with IoT sensor locations and data. This way the tool enables developers to easily create various smart building solutions such as healthy spaces planning software for iPads, space cleanliness web IoT visualizations, Android augmented reality apps etc. all which use KEKO IoT data. More information:


Pindora’s concept is to effortlessly collect subjective feedback from building users and combine it with objective sensor data from KEKO ecosystem. End result is actionable data for creating more effective, comfortable and safe facilities. More information:


Zeneko’s concept is a health index for small spaces that validates hygiene and safety levels by measuring air quality and surface cleanliness. The solution will utilize the KEPPI platform of KEKO for smart buildings. Surface cleanliness detection is performed by partner CleanDet’s new technology combining hyperspectral imaging with AI. More details will be published later in CleanDet and Zeneko websites. Additionally Sanna-Liisa Sihto-Nissilä is part of the winning team.



Jukka Hemilä

KEKO Consortium Coordinator VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd