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Winners of KEKO 1st and 2nd Challenge Competition announced

KEKO Ecosystem is looking for talented SMEs and startups and together we will co-innovate world class concepts in the smart building context. For searching of these talented companies, KEKO have organized Challenge Competitions, where we have selected already first two winners.


The first KEKO Challenge competition was opened in May under the theme “Utilizing Data to Create Building Experiences by KEKO”. Challenge competition was facilitated by Combient Foundry. We received almost hundred applications from innovative Startups and SMEs. After hard decision process, we decided to select winner from the finalists:’s winning concept is about Experience driven indoor wayfinding. Their wayfinding solution will utilize KEKO building data to find optimal routes and spaces, integrating UI to smart lighting and elevators.

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The second KEKO Challenge Competition was held with IndustryHack. There, the competition theme was: What kinds of mass-customized or personalized solutions or value adding services could we offer for users in supporting their use of a smart, adaptive building? We received 48 applications, where eight companies were selected as finalists. The winner is: Emblica

Emblica’s concept is Calmness index for smart spaces, where algorithm is utilizing KEKO building data to evaluate and predict calmness and busyness of spaces and providing index to other ecosystem members over new KEKO API.

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The 3rd KEKO challenge competition was launched with Combient Foundry, and it’s winner will be announced soon.


Jukka Hemilä

KEKO Consortium Coordinator VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd