Group 5

The first half year of KEKO Ecosystem

The KEKO Ecosystem started at the end of last year. It has been a great journey so far; despite the Covid-19 have had quite big effect to our research collaboration. Here is the summary of the first half year co-innovation activities and results.


We started KEKO with the definition of future building user’s needs. We have categorized user needs and set up the UX Goals for the KEKO services. The first KEKO challenge competition is ongoing, where we are looking for new building use-phase experiences for all building stakeholders, based on the identified user needs. We have received almost 100 product and service ideas from talented startups and SMEs. The selection process is ongoing over the summer, and in autumn, best ones will create pilot showcases with us.

In late spring, we opened KEKO website and made the first media release. It was a pleasure to realize that KEKO received also international visibility. There are now already many interesting blog posts published at KEKO website and more to come.

The KEKO Experimentation Platform is already up and running, which enables our learning and feeds requirements to the longer-term development. The experimentation platform enables rapid data processing and development of APIs using data, and to expose the source data from various systems in a consistent manner for developers.

In the autumn, we will develop ways for new ecosystem partners to join in. There will be more challenge competitions, but also we are willing to demonstrate different services from new partners with the experimentation platform. We will tell more about collaboration opportunities after summer period. I hope that it will be possible to meet all of you face to face later in autumn. We are eager to set up our KEKO demolab at Maria01, for getting closer collaboration within the consortium but also with the new partners.

Meanwhile, read our nice blog posts on the KEKO website. I wish you all very relaxing and sunny summer holidays!


Jukka Hemilä

KEKO Consortium Coordinator VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd