Smooth and Safe Construction Site project gets national media coverage

KEKO’s Smooth and Safe Construction Site project aims at improving the efficiency and safety of construction sites with research, measuring and data integration. The project is currently implemented at a construction site in Tampere, Finland. Rakennuslehti, one of the leading Finnish construction media outlets, covered the project in January 2021.


Construction site data has the potential to optimize processes and improve safety

What if, in case of emergencies, you had accurate information about the risk levels of different sections at the construction site and the current location of your employees? What if each material shipment and its contents were automatically registered and deficiencies reported to the service supplier? What if you received regular, data-based recommendations on how to improve the efficiency and safety of your construction site?

To enable these advancements, KEKO launched the Smooth and Safe Construction Site project. In the project, sensors monitor working conditions and material flow. By utilizing user research and machine-learning, the captured data is used to improve work safety, increase the utilization rates of workspaces and machines and to make material deliveries more efficient.

National media coverage boosts the project

In January, Rakennuslehti, a leading Finnish media outlet in construction, covered the Smooth and Safe Construction Site in a three-page article that reveals the potential the project has in developing the smart building industry. “Nokia’s network at the Tampere construction site is the first private 4G/5G construction site network in the world. This makes it a significant project,” Rakennuslehti’s Johanna Aatsalo writes.

The article also highlights other key aspects of the project, which include:

  • Safety: In cases of emergency, RFID tags can help locate employees. Dangerous work zones or phases can also be identified and communicated better.
  • Connectivity: The construction site has high network and data integration capabilities.
  • Logistics: Machine utilization rates and the material going in and out of the site can be monitored.
  • Scalability: The project can be upscaled to larger construction sites.
  • Digital twin: By capturing and integrating data throughout a building’s lifecycle, a digital twin with all the essential information of the building is created.
  • Startup culture: The expertise of established players and the agility of various startups come together to create new innovations in the construction industry.


You can read the article in Finnish here. If you have any questions regarding KEKO or the Smooth and Safe Construction Site project, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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