New publication: Platform ecosystems - examples from Finland

KEKO and SEED Business Finland projects have published a study (in Finnish) about platform ecosystems. The publication aims to discuss the concepts of platform ecosystems, talks about the diversity of the platform economy and encourages companies to look at the possibilities of the platform economy.


The publication introduces the key concepts of the platform ecosystems and presents practical examples how four Finnish companies implemented ecosystem-based business by utilizing platforms:
– AirFaas
– Weecos
– Awake.AI
– Wastebook

Download and read the publication from (in Finnish) here.


Kääriäinen, Jukka; Pussinen, Pasi; Wallin, Arto; Valkokari, Katri; Saari, Leila; Mölsä, Airi; Pirttimaa, Tiia; Blomstedt, Edward; Lusila, Hanna ; Poikonen, Jussi; Ahokas, Mikko. Alustatalouden esimerkkejä Suomesta, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, 2021. 19 p. (VTT White Paper).