4th KEKO challenge competition launched with Industry Hack

KEKO’s fourth challenge competition focuses on creating healthy spaces amid the changes Covid-19 has brought to working life. The Healthy Spaces challenge is organized by Industry Hack – submit your applications by April 13th!


What’s happening?

The workplace is changing. The Covid-19 pandemic has people working largely from home, but it will also place various demands for future offices. We’re increasingly paying attention to hygiene and safety in our everyday lives, and this health consciousness will inevitably enter the workplace, too.

Future offices must better adapt to temporary and permanent changes in order to evolve and keep us healthy. This includes developing creative solutions for social distancing, support for safer individual behavior and well-planned hygiene actions.

How can KEKO make a difference?

KEKO aims to harness buildings’ life cycle data to make buildings smart. In our view, people need a safe environment to excel, which is why we have launched the Healthy Spaces challenge competition. In this innovation challenge, we want to find solutions that can support and optimize the health security of buildings.

What are we looking for in a partner?

In the Healthy Spaces challenge, we are hoping to see data-enabled solutions that could e.g.

  • measure hygiene levels and identify potential health risks
  • guide building users towards more hygienic and safe behavior
  • help people feel safe by making hygiene levels and performed actions more transparent.

We’re looking for partners that can design, implement and produce solutions for solving these challenges. The solutions should:

  • function as a part of a smart building ecosystem
  • utilize Maria01 as a testbed but also be scalable and applicable outside office buildings
  • offer added value for building users, not only property management
  • come with a tangible technical implementation plan and business model
  • use the KEKO platform.

The solutions should be developed by a team of 2 to 3 people, ideally combining versatile skills and backgrounds. We expect the selected teams to work for a minimum of 3 days per team member during the co-creation phase.

What’s in it for you?

The challenge has various rewards depending on how far you go in the competition:

  • 1,500€ for every selected team
  • 5,000€ budget for developing a small proof of concept
  • 20,000 – 50,000€ budget for a further proof of concept project
  • Ecosystem development partnership with KEKO.

Essentially this a possibility for companies to find common ground for future partnerships with major industry players.

Want in?

That’s the spirit! Go see all the information related to the Healthy Spaces challenge on the Industry Hack website and apply by 13th April 4 p.m.