2nd KEKO challenge competition is ongoing with Industryhack

What kinds of mass-customized or personalized solutions or value adding
services could we offer for the employees working in and visitors visiting
an adaptive and smart office building?



The workplace is changing. The nature of work evolves as we spend more time on the go or in distant locations and less at our dedicated desks at the office. What used to be a restricted office building for employees only, will likely become a multi-purpose asset that can cater for multiple different groups of people from various organizations. This means a lot of new freedom, variability and flexibility for the individual, but also less predictability and more versatile demands for the building itself and its workspaces.

As goals of the KEKO ecosystem initiative, the members aim to design and build a smart building platform creating new and unique experiences to add value for every building user in their everyday life. This holistic, cross-industry approach allows KEKO to bring together domain expertise and data for example from building construction, material and people flow, energy consumption, building usage and indoor positioning into a unique, purpose-built API.

Challenge description

Through this innovation challenge in question, KEKO wants to explore potential solutions and services that elevate building automation to enable mass customization and/or personalization of the building’s user experience, with a focus on employees working in and visitors visiting a building (as opposed to property managers or service providers of that building) as a user group. What kinds of mass-customized or personalized solutions or value adding services could we offer for these users  in supporting their use of a smart, adaptive building? How would this kind of a solution work, which data would it use and what would be the business logic?

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