Why KEKO? - Case Netox

“What is KEKO?” and “Why did you join?”. These two questions keep coming back to me. The first question will be covered in more details through KEKO team, but the latter is something only individual partner can tell.


Netox is a Cybersecurity and IT service provider. We know how to build solid IT architecture, as well as end user services. We know how to secure the data and how to keep the identities of end users safe and sound. But do we know what it takes to create a smart building? I can’t say that we do. Not all of it. And that’s the beauty in collaboration and ecosystems. Even though you are an expert in some field, stepping out from your comfort zone can enable something new. New opportunities, new innovations – new business even. We can all learn through collaboration. Through open innovation. And that is one of key reasons why we are in KEKO. To learn.

Digitalization has been one of the biggest trends in the past few years and smart buildings are definitely having their role in that game. And what comes to digitalization, cybersecurity is one of the key enablers of it. Without proper understanding from what is happening inside the network, or from how to build a solid trust model for stakeholders, including regulatory aspects, it is quite challenging to fully utilize the potential of data sharing. One might say that digitalization is creating new threat models too complex to handle. I don’t share that view. New threat models are there, but I’m quite confident that those, once understood, can be tackled. Hence the learning. For us, the KEKO ecosystem provides an exceptional opportunity to work together with partners who are forerunners in their respective fields – and to learn from them about the vertical. It’s also an opportunity for us to bring our expertise to the consortium, to KEKO, and to help to build better cyber awareness for smart buildings. If you have read the story behind the KEKO naming, you would know that there is an analogy to anthill in it. And like in anthill, we all have our roles to fulfill. Ours being in the field of Cybersecurity.

But there’s more in KEKO than just the current ecosystem. We will grow and there will be new partners in KEKO community, most likely also someone who has expertise in Cybersecurity. And for us, that means new opportunities, new potential for collaboration and most likely we can even learn something from them. Now, it may sound like our goals are purely academical. I can ensure that there’s more in it. While innovating can be fun and interesting, we still need make our living. I’m a firm believer that Smart Buildings will be an essential part of our future living environments. And like in any major development, there is always business potential in it. We just need to learn more to fully discover it.


Markku Korkiakoski

Netox / Director of Cybersecurity