Welcome to KEKO Blossoming Building Ecosystem!

Have you ever thought that the majority – up to 90% – of human life is actually spent inside buildings? Because so much of our time is spent indoors, why we need safe, secure and pleasant environments.


At the KEKO ecosystem, we want to make the built environment safer, more fluent and more productive. To reach these goals, future buildings need to be integrated to the surrounding world. Buildings will become predictive and responsive and offer humans new, more personal experiences.

Connectivity, digitalization and flexibility will upgrade the experience and flow of people inside buildings. Our mission is more critical than ever right now, as the corona virus forces us to spend even more of our time inside.

Enabling more intelligent building

We enable more intelligent buildings to be realized in the near future. As the built environment is complex and generates so much data, it is impossible for one company to own it all. That’s why KEKO is bringing companies together and developing an ecosystem around building data.

Our goal is to define the future of the built environment and become the global standard for smart building platforms. The consortium has world-leading and diverse expertise, with the founding members being KONE, Nokia, YIT, Caverion, Halton, VTT and Netox.

As a project, KEKO has a strong multi-disciplinary research orientation, which is guided by a design thinking driven co-creation process. The process is used as a way to explore the appropriate model of co-creation in ecosystems.

Our research is led by three values. Firstly, we believe that together our collaborative problem-solving leads to better results faster. We aim to test our ideas in real environment and get feedback from different stakeholders. Secondly, we are curious and instead of ready answers, we embrace the unknown. Thirdly, in collaborative environment we respect the work of others by making sure everyone finishes what have started.

How can you join the ecosystem?

The methodological core of KEKO is the design process that brings together core partners and talented SMEs and startups, from partners’ networks and partner scouting programs. Together we are exploring and co-innovating world class service concepts and applications in the smart building context.

In practice, the vitality of the KEKO ecosystem depends on the ecosystem’s capability to create a process to engage SMEs, start-ups and other companies to join the ecosystem and innovate new solutions and services that bring value to the building stakeholders. The KEKO project calls SMEs and start-ups to join the ecosystem as an opportunity to expand business networks and to grow globally with our consortium partners.

So, you are warmly welcome to join the blossoming KEKO building ecosystem! Stay tuned, contact us and let’s make every building smart together!


Jukka Hemilä

KEKO Consortium Coordinator VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd