KEKO – what does it stand for?

Parents tend to use a considerable amount of time for contemplating how to name their offspring. The name should describe its owner and be suitably distinctive. Just like a person or a company, an ecosystem needs a name it is remembered for.


The naming can be done in different ways. A common practice is to define a mission or brand  statement and use the first letters to form an acronym. That is what we tried too. But no. KEKO does not stand for ”Kind of Extraordinary way to be Knowledgeable about Occupancy”. Neither was the naming done based on a Finnish statement: “Kehittynyt Ekosysteemi, jossa on  Kiva Olla” =  “Advanced Ecosystem – a nice place to be”.

Ultimately, we ended up visualising all the target qualities we had set for this ecosystem, and happily ended up with “Blossoming Building Ecosystem”.


What makes buildings blossom?

Buildings are made for people and they should be adaptive to individual and social needs as well as provide safety, wellbeing and support to the building users’ changing activities. Also, we do have our responsibility for being lean in our ways of consuming natural resources and to preserve nature.


Nature is wonderful!

We humans are children of nature and many of our innovative creations also draw on nature’s ingenious solutions. Hence, we obviously had to look to nature when trying to come up with a name for our new ecosystem. Eventually, we came to think of an ANT HILL,  KEKO in Finnish. Ant hills are perfect examples of blossoming building environments: well-organized units with population working in harmony (seemingly, at least) for their built environment that provides them with a flexible “platform” promoting productive activities as well as shelter and safety. A great concept for human purposes too. Lacking the incredible talents ants possess, we just have to run the extra mile first to develop a digitalised ecosystem to build our hill on. But it will be nice and high.

Antly yours,

Kim Hagström

Halton, Buildings & Health / Director, Technology and Offering